Who is Barba Yorgo ?

Gökçeada (Imbros's) 4,000 residents annually and is the most moving love. Barba Yorgo name has become synonymous with Imbros. 


The real name of George Zarboz (George Zarbuzanis) is. 


George is a chemical engineer. 38 years after living in Istanbul, by their own hands, leaving the chemical factory where all the ancestors buried in Imbros (Gökçeada A) returns. Because for 38 years, entered into Imbros George always dream. George is the birthplace of cinder (to Agridy) is located. Depleted due to migration and village houses are turned into neglect. He plans to do a lot of work and priorities are well aware that. His father's house, where childhood starts by repair work. Then 5-6 home buying more repairs. Not move to the village and to the memory of the old days here makes the hostel houses. 


Greek tavernas his opening statement here the island's only village, albeit a bit with the dead gives life water. Write taverns and delicious Greek rhythms while playing in the streets of the village, on the one hand is accompanied by her other hand to the people of the village and offers guests appetizers are made with their own hands. Especially George's seafood appetizers, octopus, squid, cuttlefish stew, sea urchins, mussels, shrimp, fish and other marine products, is adding one more to your taste. 


George is not satisfied with this. And Imbros still is performing a first, is building the first house wine wineries. 


Smiling face, witty conversations, sincerity and exquisite wines that comes with the experience unforgettable moments that Barba Yorgo their manufacture which wine sipping the following words to say does not neglect: "a cup client, a cup I". 


One day your Imbros way if you drop George was extremely clean and modern furnished accommodation in one of the island's highest hill in the foothills Tepeköy its exquisite wines sipped If the sanctuary of bliss exploring ways to make its appearance can. 


It is extremely clean, modern and beautiful places had occurred müptelalık enough to do in George, nicknamed attached to the combined temperature gives a better environment ... 


Barba Yorgo that Uncle George! ...